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The Yorkshire Speakers Directory

The Yorkshire Speakers Directory is an online resource for locating Public Speakers in the Yorkshire Region. The site caters for recreational public speakers, such as talks to local history groups. If you wish to have a FREE listing add your entry here.

Our latest sign up is the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service, a charity which can get to people in some of the most difficult locations, search for them under Charities. I was reminded of the service which came to rescue an injured rider who had been dismounted whilst riding along Parlington Lane on the Parlington Estate at the rear of the DarK Arch, back in 2005 I think it was. Proof that the service provides vital assistance in in-accessible locations, of which Yorkshire has many! The talks will no doubt offer a good insight into the day today workings of this emergency service, which is provided free of charge.

We've had a few new speakers sign up this autumn, recently a lady, Glennis Whyte who gives talks on the Treasurer's House, York, a delightful National Trust residence, literally next door to the Minster. Mr Frank Green, son of a wealthy industrialist and the last owner, bequethed the house to the trust. He was a fascinating, if unusual character, with some odd habits! For example there are marks in the floors where furniture, such as a chair stood and woe betide any one moving it to clean without returning it to the exact spot, slightly manic I think.

Treasurer's House, York

Our first speaker from East Yorkshire has signed up, so if you are a public speaker from that area, please get in touch, as we would like to increase the scope of our speakers and include a new section for East Yorks... if only they hadn't messed with the Ridings, but that 's another story!

There are now over two hundred speakers, the largest concentration of these being in the West Yorkshire area. Until the quantity of entries is greater, searching within an area may prove unsuccessful; therefore we recommend using the 'Search All' section, as many speakers are happy to give talks in all three regions.

A number of changes have been made recently. Firstly the site no longer has any connection with the printed versions of the Yorkshire Speakers Directory. This change has been brought about by the conflict between entries being free on the site, whereas the printed versions carry a small edition charge. Secondly it has not been possible to reconcile some of the conflicts where speakers have retired or ceased for some other reason and the information has not been made available to the web entries! So some people have complained. Third, the printed version now only covers North and West Yorkshire.

Therefore all entries are now web based with emails as provided by the speaker who is listed.

If you are a speaker and would like an entry, please complete the form in the contact section: click here to go there.

The raison d’être for this site is to give readers an opportunity to find speakers presenting a diverse range of topics across the Yorkshire Region. Whatever topic you're interested in, whether local or national, you will find plenty of interest amongst this collection.
Each of the Speakers can be found by searching on one of a number options, Topic, Location or Availability, as well as the alphabetic search.