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Instructions for completing the form.
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Address details and contact information is provided in a summary form on the site, to avoid compromising the speaker's identity and location. There are no costs associated with a basic listing.

If your topics are not listed, select "Other" and add topic/s in the New Topic input box below, (space delimited)

A new field has been introduced for the use of Online or virtual talks as well as the standard physical talk.

If you wish to add a qualification to your availability do so in the "Comment" input box.

If your talk or presentation is restricted to your local area, like say "Wakefield" set the option menu to "Residence Area".
If you have other parameters choose "By Arangement".

Please indicate by checking the tick boxes any equipment and conditions you would like the organisers to provide.

Dry White Board Chart Stand
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Blackout Facilities Overhead Projector
Table Other
Fees Expenses

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