The Yorkshire Speakers Directory

Revised Introduction by Brian Hull (Author and Publisher of the Web Edition)

The site was originally set up using the data provided by Chris Helme, a local publisher of the paper editions of the Yorkshire Speakers Directories, these covered the three modern regions of Yorkshire, (not the Ridings). Recently we have decided to part ways, so from Summer 2015 onwards the Internet based directory will not have any data supplied by Chris. We are leaving the original preface provided by Chris from way back in 2007 in place as the points are still relevant

Original Preface by Chris Helme

Having been both a Speaker Finder and a Speaker for many years, I know from first hand experience, which I have preferred - the Speaker. Since the first edition of my West Yorkshire Speaker Directory was introduced in 1997 and was well received - Speaker Finders connected with numerous organisations throughout the whole of the West Yorkshire area have purchased it. This new and revised sixth edition [Electronic Version] has a wide selection of speakers, lecturers, slide show hosts, info-tainers, musical groups and craft demonstrators many of whom are appearing in this publication for the first time.

Over the last few years the questions I have been often asked are, how does someone become sufficiently known to be invited onto a local speaker circuit to give a talk or presentation for the first time? Once having achieved that, how do you then promote yourself to be invited to speak on other circuits beyond your own neighbourhood? There are countless local groups, clubs, societies and organisations that are all crying out for new and experienced speakers. Self marketing and grasping the publicity opportunities that are available or even going out to seek out publicity for yourself, is the key to all these questions.

Have you given a few presentations to groups in your immediate locality but would like to give more, possibly further afield or to gain experience speaking to larger audiences? Through this directory many new speakers have achieved that vital break through and the more experienced presenter has found new audiences in areas they had never been invited to previously.

Please note that all invitations to give talks and presentations should be made direct to the Speaker concerned. This is achieved by completing the form which is accessed from a button in the individual speaker details. Anyone wishing to be included in a future edition of this publication is invited to complete the questionnaire [The online form]