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Subject Areas:WW2 History, Architecture, Journalism & Media
Name, Speaker Location & Areas covered:Mr Colin PHILPOTT Harrogate :: All Yorkshire covered
Contact & Website:
Subjects:Ex-Head BBC Yorks

Colin is now doing talks via the internet using Zoom and other technology solutions.

Secret Wartime Britain - the stories of hundreds of places across
Britain, including in Yorkshire, which were secret during the Second
World War and which helped determine the outcome of the conflict.
These include factories, command bunkers, spying bases, art treasure
stores, interrogation centres,chemical weapons stores and many others.
It's also the story of how and why places were kept secret by people
who lived nearby and who worked there.

Relics of the Reich - When Nazi Germany collapsed in 1945, hundreds of
buildings and public spaces built by the regime were left behind and
many still exist today. This is the story of how modern Germany has
dealt with this unwanted legacy and what has happened to Nazi
architecture over the last 75 years.

A Place in History - what happens to places caught up in news events
after the reporters and camera crews move on? How are places affected
by being the centre of media attention? This is a tour of sites across
Britain affected by news events in the past 100 years. Places visited
include the scenes of tragic events like Dunblane and Hungerford but
also quirkier sites like the farmer's field where Bob Dylan played to
100,000 people, the hotel where Agatha Christie hid and the site of
the legendary Hacienda nightclub in Manchester.

Inside the BBC - my stories from 25 years in front of and behind camera in the BBC.
I worked as a reporter on many BBC programmes including Newsnight,
Breakfast News, BBC News, File on 4.
I was also a producer, editor and senior manager including as Head of BBC Yorkshire
for seven years, responsible for revamping Look North with new presenters
and new localised editions.

Photo of the map room in the Battle of Britain control bunker.

Availability & Fee:Anytime£75.00
Requirements: S, EC, Showing powerpoints, FClick for requirements explanation
Virtual Talk Offered: YesAll talks can be delivered by the internet, such as Zoom.
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