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Subject Areas:History, Travel
Name, Speaker Location & Areas covered:Mr Michael ASTROP Todmorden :: All Yorkshire covered
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Subjects:The Origins and Oddities of English Inn Signs
The very popular talk about the pub signs of England. Pubs were rarely named by accident but were inspired by religion, royalty, heroes and the occasional scandal. This highly visual talk, explains how inns signs originate and traces their development from the Romans to the present day.

The Arthurian Legend its Origins in Art, Literature and Love
This fascinating talk looks at the story of Camelot, Arthur and the members of the roundtable from the early welsh tale of Culhwch and Olwen to Geoffrey of Monmouth?s history and Chretien de Troyes additions, with the art of Burne-Jones, culminating in the question did they exist?

The Origins and Evidence for Robin Hood and his Merry Men
The tales of Robin Hood and his Merry men are integral part of England?s history as is the Sherwood Forest where he is said to have roamed, but is the tale true? What is the evidence, what is fable and what is the tale passed on from Green man origins? This enthralling talk explores evidence and lays it out for all to see.

The Birth of Great British Brands
Think of a well-known Yorkshire name and ask where did it come from ? this talk will answer the questions - based on the ?How it all began? books of Maurice Baren.

Lady Killers? The Stories of Female Murderers
A truly gripping talk covers the true stories of murder by women, from poison to shootings with a solve the crime option for the audience to particpate.

Dick Turpin, Knight or Rogue of the Road?
We think of Dick Turpin has a courageous and romantic figure who defied officialdom. But how has a notorious criminal of his day become the subject of myths and legends? Was he this hero of the hgiway or a brutal criminal who terroised rich and poor alike? These questions are answeres in this fast paced and excititng talk.

The Origins of the Traditions of Christmas
Ideal for a festive meeting, this talk goes back to the Tudor period and looks at the development of Christmas through the Victorian period to the present day.

Harald Harada? The Last Viking
An amazing tale of adventures and battles as a young man he joined the Varangian Guard, an elite class of largely Norse fighters who protected the Byzantine rulers, and then fought for the crown of Norway which he held for two decades, eventually dying at Stamford Bridge in 1066.

All talks are fully illustrated.

Some recent Speaker Finders said:
"Our members enjoyed your talk on inn signs so much I think they would be happy to welcome you every week!"
Thornton Antiquarian Society
"Thank you so much for a fascinating talk on Tuesday. It was a wonderful start to our new season. We will certainly be booking you for the 20/21 season."
Boroughbridge Antiques Society

Michael Astrop is the Northern Regional organiser for the Inn Sign Society and avid campaigner to retain old inns signs and original style depictions.
Availability & Fee:Anytime£80.00 or £60.00 for Zoom
Requirements: S, T, FClick for requirements explanation
Virtual Talk Offered: YesAll talks can be delivered by the internet, such as Zoom.
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