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Subject Areas:Science
Name, Speaker Location & Areas covered:Mr Melvyn RUTTERMorley :: All Yorkshire covered
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Subjects:A critical view of 'man made climate change'. A study of the science showing an alternative view to the media hype.

Melvyn takes what Greenpeace say and measures the costs of what they advocate. For example, one calculation is that if 28M people buy electric cars this will require (some say) 60GW of electricity to provide at peak times. Which in broad terms equates to 15 Drax power stations at 4GW each. Notwithstanding the fact that Drax is far from a "green" operation, burning as it does timber from as far afield as the USA.

He considers the idea of CO2 being a "pollutant" which of course it isn't. Over eons of time global temperatures have been high, when CO2 levels were low, and the other way round.

CO2 is not even a major greenhouse gas. He show's this using temperatures on the moon, in the desert, and in the rainforest.

The idea that cows are bad news, it is hard to see how 23 million cattle produce more air pollution than 67 mill people.

And of course each human can produce 2.3 tons CO2 each year as we all breath out. Again 67M times this figure for the UK, clearly this has been ignored.

He looks at how the melting ice sheets were going to mean all the polar bears die, when in truth their numbers have more than doubled.

Away from the hypothesis, there are plenty of "real" issues that mankind can implement, as follows:

He show's how resource depletion, habitat and species destruction are caused by humans. But we can do something about this by living in balance with planet earth. Deforestation is awful, but divided by the total human population, we only need to plant 7 trees each, per year!!!

Many people feel fed up of the tv propaganda who shout for the removal of capitalism. The rich and poor divide is not good. But the system allows for consumerism which can affect real change. We can use this for stuff across the world.

He is happy to be grilled by his audience to defend his science, and he is not telling people what to think, or what to eat, and no one needs to glue themselves to anything.
Availability & Fee:Anytime£40.00
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Virtual Talk Offered: No
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