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Subject Areas:History
Name, Speaker Location & Areas covered:Mr Malcolm WALKERYork :: All Yorkshire covered
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Subjects:Malcolm is a member of the Association Of Voluntary Guides to the City & a Minster Guide most but not all have a local flavour:
1) "THE IRISH IN YORK": Mainly about the influx of starving Irish after the Potato Famine of the 1840's & the part played by the York Quaker Families in alleviating their sufferings both in Ireland & in York.
2) "THE TUKES OF YORK": I became fascinated by the most important of the above families & this talk is a spin off. They were responsible for educating girls to the same standard as boys (The Mount) the first humane mental Institution (The Retreat) & without them there would have been no "Rowntrees".
3) "The ARCHBISHOPS OF YORK" a rather satirical swipe at the second prelate in the C.of E.
4) "GRANDMAS, GRAYS & GUIDE" a look back to Victorian & Edwardian York & W.W.s 1 & 2 - partly from my family's perspective.
5) "A HISTORY OF PRINTING IN YORK" I cover all printing in York but with special emphasis on where I worked - Ben Johnsons.
6) "THE WORLD OF WALTER BRIERLEY" - architect of York. To quote Betjeman, "He lived before ugliness in architecture became compulsory".
7) "THE STATUS OF WOMEN" There are no specific York connections. I prepared it for the centenary of women getting the limited vote in 1918.
8) A look at Seebohm Rowntree's book "POVERTY A STUDY OF TOWN LIFE". It was a survey of the conditions of the people of York in 1900: said to be the most important social document of the C20. The talk also looks at the relevance of that survey with conditions today.
9) This Talk is more or less a "Virtual" version of the Tour I take tourists on around the City in my capacity as a guide.
Availability & Fee:Anytime Location by arrangement£30.00-£40.00
Requirements: SClick for requirements explanation
Virtual Talk Offered: No
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