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Subject Areas:History
Name, Speaker Location & Areas covered:Mr Tony PERKINS Clowne :: South Yorkshire only
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Subjects:Medieval Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage was not possible for everyone and for those who did go it was often a once in a lifetime event. I speak on the who? What sort of people would go on pilgrimage? The where? What destinations were open to a medieval pilgrim? The why? What prompted people to make often quite hazardous journeys? The how? What methods would be used to reach their Holy destination? This talk is intended to help you understand a medieval person's reasons for making these journeys and to see life through their eyes.

Pilgrimage symbols and Holy relics.

When people go on holiday today they often pick up a souvenir and some wonderful stories of far off places and wonders. In Mediaeval times, such a journey was often once in a lifetime and only for a very small minority.
I explain the different types of pilgrim badges that were available as souvenirs and describe why they visited various shrines to ask for help of the saints and their relics.
As today some fell foul of the unscrupulous and I show some of the fake relics that would be available, for a small price.
This talk shows we are not really that different from medieval people. Times change, people don't.

Everyday clothing in the medieval period.

In the medieval period, clothes not only showed your wealth but could also show your job and even how pious you were, especially for women. The fabric, colour and style showed your status.
Poorer people had a limited wardrobe and so their clothes had to be multi purpose for all weathers. They may not have had the range of fabrics as now but they had a wide variety of colours available to them to brighten up their wardrobe, including yellow and purple.
This talk gives you an insight into the life of medieval people through their everyday clothes and shows that while there were had bad points, no zips, they had some practical ideas that we could learn from today.
If you want to know how Lucy Locket could loose her pocket, then this is the talk for you.
Availability & Fee:Anytime£50.00 plus expenses
Requirements: T. F. EClick for requirements explanation
Virtual Talk Offered: No
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