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Subject Areas:Humour
Name, Speaker Location & Areas covered:Mr Colin BOWER Nottingham :: All Yorkshire covered
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Subjects:'CURTAIN UP'- An entertaining look at the world of showbusiness that includes a look at some of the LUCKY BREAKS that have led to stardom, the production of commercials, the SPARE PARTS Agency for hands and legs, plus a great deal more.

'THE HUMOUR THAT SURROUNDS US'- An amusing look at unintentional humour that surrounds us every day.
For example: A sign outside a Barber's shop: 'Haircut while you wait'
While on holiday in Bournemouth my wife and I saw the following sign in a large department store: 'During the period of renovation the basement will be found on the first floor'.

'TRUE PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES'- As a young man I experienced some events that are best described as illogical, inexplicable and certainly unbelievable. Over the years, I have been told many fascinating stories, frequently by people who tell me that they have never before told anyone for fear of being ridiculed or considered quite mad!

'MY FARCICAL LIFE AS A PASSENGER LIAISON OFFICER ON THE NEVASSA'- While passing through a quiet spell in my theatrical career, it was necessary to take a job in order to earn money. The shipping line, British-India, offered me the job of Passenger Liaison Officer, where I stayed for twice as long as any of my predecessors, namely seven months. If it had not been for the passengers the job would have been marvellous!
It was not unusual to be asked: 'What time is the ten o'clock film this evening?'
On one occasion a Lady telephoned the Purser to say she could not get out of her cabin. When the Purser asked for further details she said: 'Purser, when I open one door I am in my bedroom, the other door is my bathroom. There is a third door but it has a sign hanging on the handle that reads; DO NOT DISTURB'.

'THAT'S TRUE LIFE'- A selection of amusing true life experiences. Here are two examples: 'While sitting in a Midland Mainline train in St.Pancras I heard the following announcement: 'We regret the late departure of this service to Nottingham. Some of you will have noticed that we have a green signal to go. Unfortunately, we do not have a driver!'.
The following announcement was made on a Virgin train travelling from Scotland to London: 'Here is an announcement for passengers travelling in coach 'H', your loudspeaker system is not working!'

'FAMOUS PSYCHICS'- A look at some people who had quite amazing gifts such as Leslie Flint, who produced voices that could be recognised while he was tied and gagged in a chair and Edgar Cayce who went into a trance and was able to diagnose illnesses in people hundreds of miles away.

'BETWEEN ENGAGEMENTS' - What an actor does when not acting.

'LUCKY BREAKS' - How some actors achieve fame and fortune.

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