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Subject Areas:History, Family History
Name, Speaker Location & Areas covered:Mrs Marion MOVERLEYEasingwold :: All Yorkshire covered
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Subjects:Out of the Coverdale Cupboard - How I started in research, investigating some documents in a cupboard.

In Holy Charity - looks at local charities which had an important influence on the community, apprenticeships, almshouses, doles to the poor, education etc

Ladies of Letters - extracts from diaries and letters of ladies in the past which gives a glimpse of their experience of marriage, child bearing, work.

Plumbing the line of the Crofts - research into a family in the Yorkshire Dales called Croft, nearly all of whom were plumbers, glaziers or painters.

Christmas Time in Days of Yore - a light hearted look at what our ancestors did around the festive season.

Hark, Hark, the Dogs Do bark - stories of beggars in the 18th century who were apprehended and sent to the North Riding Quarter Sessions - some quite amazing stories of adventure.

Being Sick in Body (but perfect in remembrance) - a look at life through peoples wills. Not at all morbid, it reveals many aspects of life.

Caught in Chancery - the story of Jane. This is the tale of an 18th century dales girl, whose life could have been lived in total obscurity had it not been for a court case, when every aspect of her life was recorded in the court papers. This talk is quite long and lasts over an hour, but is totally absorbing.

The Great Grazing county of the Children - this is about the phenomenon of the Yorkshire / London schools which proliferated along the Yorkshire / Durham / Westmoreland borders, and then disappeared after the publication of Nicholas Nickleby.

The Jervaulx Journey - a whiz through the history of this beautiful place, starting with the monks and ending with the great estate.

Passing Through Yorkshire - a light hearted look at Gods Own County through the eyes of visitors passing this way, ranging from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

Keeping the Feast. How did people manage before they kept diaries? They marked time by Feast Days, and all kinds of documents record a variety of feast days now long forgotten. Payments were made and local fairs were held and people remembered events according to these events in their local calendar. So if you were to be paid on the eve of the Feast of Saint Martin in Winter would you know when it was?
Availability & Fee:Anytime I travel by public transport£30-35.00
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Virtual Talk Offered: No
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