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Subject Areas:Charities, Health, Public Services
Name & Location:Miss Kerri  WHEELER Bradford
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Subjects:Marie Curie, we provide care and support for people living with any terminal illness and their families. We've been carrying out this vital work since 1948, last year we helped more than 60,000 people across the UK.

We are one of the leading end of life and palliative care providers and our service range from nursing care, hospices, research, information and support line to petitioning the government to change how we support those living with a terminal illness and their families and carers. During the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been working flat out in partnership with the NHS to ensure we can respond to stop them from being overloaded. Freeing up intensive care beds needed for coronavirus patients and exploring all the options to ensure we can be there to support dying people, families and the NHS.

A global pandemic clearly makes living with a terminal illness even more complex, our services are needed more than ever to give support at a very unknown time and to ease pressure from the NHS.

As a charity, we want to raise awareness of the services we provide, how people can access them and how individuals can get involved. All our talks are free.

Our talks: Across the Yorkshire, we have Marie Curie Speaker Volunteers and Community Fundraisers who can deliver free virtual talks using Zoom and other platforms.

Marie Curie Speaker Volunteers: Our volunteers are individuals who are passionate about the charity and the work we do across the Yorkshire and the wider UK. They all support Marie Curie and have different experiences of the charity either through the services we provide or through volunteering.

Community Fundraisers are the key link to the local communities and the charity, enabling supporters to fundraise or volunteer. They are knowledgeable about the charity's activities and direction, as well as what is happening in local communities.

We have given talks to a wide range of different community groups such as Rotary, WI, Brownies, U3A, faith groups and schools. Our talks will range between 10 minutes to 45 minutes depending on your needs.

All our speakers aim to give you an insight into the support Marie Curie gives to families facing terminal illness. They will tell you about the services we offer, our history, the current crisis we face and our future ambitions to address this.

Please note, at present, we are only offering Virtual (online) talks in line with the government guidance and to ensure our speaker\'s safety; but we do hope to be able to attend group meetings in person in the future. We will update this page to let you know when this can happen.

If you want to discuss the possibility of a talk please do not hesitate to contact our Speaker Coordinator Kerri Wheeler
Availability & Fee:Anytime Talks by Zoom onlyFOC
Areas Covered:All Yorkshire covered.
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Subject Areas:Family History, History
Name & Location:Mr Alex  DE GIERKnaresborough
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Subjects:One hour Powerpoint presentation on my house, its owners, its occupants and their family histories highlighting the more interesting people linked to the occupants of the house.

The story links the house to The Indian Mutiny, the early establishment of the Labour Party, submarine torpedo development, the Brooklyn Overhead Railway, the invention of the telegraph and the development of Clacton on sea as a holiday resort amongst others.
Availability & Fee:Anytime£50.00 or £40.00 online
Areas Covered:All Yorkshire covered.
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Subject Areas:Business, Inspiration
Name & Location:Mr Duncan  STEVENSNottingham
Contect & Website:
Subjects:Duncan Stevens is a master influencer, founder of the Influence Association, and author of best-selling influence book Effective Influence.

As a professional keynote speaker, he offers a range of keynote speeches in which he shares insights and applications that you can apply in your personal and professional life to make you a more influential and effective individual.

With over 10 years? experience in the field, Duncan offers a range of keynote presentations all underpinned by science and his unique Effective Influence Model as well as his immersive influence experience.


Duncan shares his Effective Influence Model (EIM) which will take your influencing, persuasion and sales conversion skills to the next level.

Duncan details powerful, practical persuasion tools, techniques and principles to ensure you increase your effectiveness in your personal or work life.

You will personally experience these techniques in practical examples to demonstrate how powerful they are.


Duncan shares his Effective Influence Model (EIM) for leadership for influence which can be implemented immediately

He lifts the lid on practical body language strategies relevant to leadership, to make you more persuasive and effective

Duncan shares the influential leadership language which will allow you to empower, engage and motivate others.


Learn how to apply Duncan?s Effective Influence Model to increase sales, traffic and online conversion rates.

Duncan shares influence tools and techniques you can apply right now to enhance you marketing strategy to communicate more persuasively.

Duncan shares some cutting edge behavioural science to show your team what to do and what to say to maximise their marketing effectiveness


A 45-minute influence and persuasion based stage show which uses the skills and techniques Duncan shares in his keynotes and masterclasses

This is a high energy, high entertainment show and compliments the keynote or masterclasses extremely well with a 100% emphasis on fun.

This is a professionally produced show that Duncan has performed internationally and in theatres, globally, customised for the corporate market.
Availability & Fee:AnytimePOA
Areas Covered:All Yorkshire covered.
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Subject Areas:Culture
Name & Location:Miss Laura  PUSEYHuddersfield
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Subjects:Dying & Bereavement
D.I.P.ism the transition of death is a process that starts before the diagnosis and continues way past the moment we lay our bodies aside. Death is part of life and is to be recognised as an essential process that we will all encounter at some time. 
In the West, death is largely feared and so society rarely supports conversations about loss, it seems to be a taboo subject until someone you love dies. 
Likewise advanced preparations are seldom made for our passing, nor that of those we love. So when we do experience loss, we often find we are not adequately equipped with the tools that help us to navigate this period of deep sadness.
Availability & Fee:Evenings & Weekends£150.00
Areas Covered:West Yorkshire only
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Subject Areas:Aviation, History
Name & Location:Mr Alastair  GOODRUMSpalding
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w: No Website
Subjects:1. School of Aces: The RAF Training School that helped win the Battle of Britain; RAF Sutton Bridge in peace and war, 1926-1946.
2. Through Adversity: The story of life in the RFC and RAF from 1912 to 1967, seen through the flying lives of three operational pilots.
3. Balloons, Bleriots & Barnstormers: Daredevil men and women pioneers of the air. Air circuses and air shows in the east of England, 1783-1939.
4. Women in Aviation: A selection of women from the world of aviation, who have made contributions to its development during the past 200 years.

Availability & Fee:Anytime Talks by Zoom only, one hour length£70.00
Areas Covered:All Yorkshire covered.
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Subject Areas:Transport
Name & Location:Mr Stuart  LINES Pudsey
Contect & Website:
w: No Website
Subjects:The rise and fall of the Bradford canal. How the canal system reached the city of Bradford and why it died. Includes a virtual walk to see what is left.

What a way to run a railway. A review of 200 years of muddle and mismanagement of the UK's railway system. A chance to see that incompetence is nothing new.
Availability & Fee:Anytime£50.00
Areas Covered:All Yorkshire covered.
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Subject Areas:Health, Walking, Countryside
Name & Location:Mrs Deborah  NORTHKirkby Stephen
Contect & Website:
Subjects:Stile free walks in the UK
Dealing with adversity
Travelling Coast to Coast in a wheelchair called Harriet
Creating a countryside For All
Availability & Fee:By Arrangement Any venue needs have have wheelchair access£200.00
Areas Covered:All Yorkshire covered.
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Subject Areas:Crime
Name & Location:Mr Nigel S KINGYork
Contect & Website:
w: No Website
Subjects:My talks are 45 minutes long with the use of Power Point.
1. How credible is the evidence of children?
2. Managing sex offenders and other dangerous persons.
3. Television police drama and reality.
Availability & Fee:By Arrangement£60.00
Areas Covered:All Yorkshire covered.
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Subject Areas:Poetry
Name & Location:Mr Mike  SMITHHowden
Contect & Website:
Subjects:A performance talk, involving some humour
Rhythm & Rhyme - With Time for a Song
Availability & Fee:Anytime£1.00 per person - max £60.00
Areas Covered:North Yorkshire only
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Subject Areas:History, Local, History
Name & Location:Mrs Janet  RIDLERSheffield
Contect & Website:
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Subjects:Sheffield Cathedral - 800 years of Sheffield History in One Building

A popular talk which looks at how Sheffield has developed from Saxon times up to the present day and how the city's history can be traced within the walls of its cathedral, if you know where to look. Through the building's architecture and stained glass you will discover hidden stories from medieval, Tudor and Victorian times, and meet the people who have shaped Sheffield's history such as the Earls of Shrewsbury, Bess of Hardwick, Mary Queen of Scots and many more. I am also the author of Sheffield Cathedral's official guidebook

Sheffield's Hidden Necropolis
Tucked away on a hillside just off Ecclesall Road lies a hidden Victorian city of the dead, Sheffield's very own Highgate. Sheffield General Cemetery, a Grade II* listed heritage and conservation site, is a museum of people which tells the story of Sheffield's past through its 87,000 residents and 10 listed monuments and structures. Discover one of England's earliest landscaped Garden Cemeteries as we meet steel barons, radicals, soldiers, an elephant trainer and a Russian aristocrat when we travel back in time to 1836 on a very Sheffield story of life and death in Victorian times

A Victorian Christmas how the Christmas we celebrate today had its origins in Victorian Britain, from Christmas trees and turkey to crackers, cards and carols, and with a special look at local Sheffield & South Yorkshire Christmas customs and the Sheffield carols. A fascinating look at traditional Christmas customs and their ancient origins to get you in the mood for the festive season

How the Tudors celebrated Christmas go back to Tudor times and learn about advent and the 12 days of Christmas in the time of the Tudors - a fascinating look at the feasts, festivals and customs of a Tudor Christmas and the early origins of our Christmas traditions. Discover how Mary Queen of Scots would have celebrated Christmas during her time in Sheffield in the custody of the Earl of Shrewsbury and Bess of Hardwick, and learn how to add a Tudor touch to your own Christmas celebrations.
Availability & Fee:Anytime£50.00
Areas Covered:South Yorkshire only
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