Subject Areas:History, Buildings, Culture, Railways, Internet, Industry, Military, Family History
Name & Location:Mr Brian HULLTadcaster
Contact & Website:
Subjects:Talks, both direct and virtual via Zoom, and full screen computer presentations on:

1) "A detective story; the re-discovery Parlington Hall" The history of the Hall, Aberford, Yorkshire, including scarce pictures and analysis of the mansion's demise. Extensive information on the topic can be found on the website, including many pictures of the locality.
2) The former lake, the story of the lost lake at Parlington.
3) The Gascoignes of Parlington.
4) Aberford Railway, a private line built to transport coal from Garforth to Aberford.
5) The Garforth Mines, a detailed talk on the massive accident that occurred in the 1870's and the Gascoigne mines in general.
6) 'War Games in Parlington', The Gascoignes' and the Military from 1797 to Present Day! Yes? sham fights in the late nineteenth century, with opposing forces battling it out for the possession of Parlington!
7) 'Aberford Then and Now', a revisit of the local Countryside Publication from the 1980's with lots more old and new photographs.
8) Lord Armstrong, Cragside and the Great Armament Works at Elswick.

Availability & Fee:Anytime£50.00 + expenses if travelling
Requirements: F, BO, SClick for requirements explanation
Areas Covered: All Yorkshire covered
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