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Subjects:"Concealed Objects and Written Charms; Protection in the Medieval Period"
Have you had a run of bad luck? Do you suffer from unexplained pains?
Is your husband being led astray? What can you do? Who can help?
Agnes Peterkin, The Cunning Woman, is the answer to all of your problems.
She can offer you protection from serpents, thieves and even fairies, with a variety of found and made objects which are displayed and explained.
She can even keep the Devil at bay!(Written charms and curses are her speciality.)

"Herbs and plants, protection in the Medieval Period"
In the Medieval Period, if the church couldn't help, you turned to the local cunning woman for the answers. From Ancient spells, such as the Nine Herb charm to Flying Ointment and mandrake root Agnes Peterkin has the knowledge to help.
Whether it be Elves, evil witches or natural disasters, whatever your problem, she has the answer, using natural items, roots, plants, herbs and trees.

"Weird and Wonderful Creatures of the Medieval Bestiary" When it came to fabulous animals like the unicorn, dragon or griffin, it is debatable whether medieval people believed that such creatures really existed. Some undoubtedly did (as some still do today). As for fabulous creature mentioned in the Bible, (as unicorns and dragons are), the problem became more difficult; if the Bible is acknowledged to be the true word of God, any animal it mentions must surely exist.
With the help of illustrations from "The Bestiary" Agnes Peterkin reveals the wonderful range of fabulous creatures. What they can do, where they live and how to protect yourself from them?
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Areas Covered: South Yorkshire only
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