Modus operandi of the Site

Raison d’être

The reason for this site is to give speaker finders an opportunity to locate speakers presenting a diverse range of topics across the Yorkshire Region. Whatever topic you're interested in, whether local or national, you will find plenty to interest you amongst this collection. Each of the Speakers can be found by searching on one of a number options, Topic, Location or Availability, as well as the alphabetic search.


The enquirer searches for a speaker who meets their criteria, say by topic, which is the most likely requirement, then if the located speaker is satisfactory, for example they can travel to the desired location, at the time wanted. Then an enquiry is through this website and this is forwarded to the speaker in question. There are no fees involved in requesting a speaker for your venue.


The selected speaker is contacted by email with the enquirer's details, they then make contact with the enquirer and between them decide on the terms of engagement. A new feature introduced since the site was revised in late 2020 is for feedback to be optionally provided by organisation receiving the talk.

Online Talks

A recent change brought about by the pandemic from March 2020 is that speakers and groups are utilising technology such as Zoom to reach an audience. Where a speaker has advised us that they are able to undertake this type of talk it is noted as a search criteria and on the individual speaker's page.

Featured Speakers


The talk by Jane is about her Great Grandfather George Piercy who founded a Mission in Canton, China in 1851.  He was a farmer's son from Pickering, North Yorkshire.  His mission was achieved despite fierce opposition and the loss of his wife and child. His wife he had met at Nunnington Hall. After 30 years he returned and continued mission work in the docklands of the East End of London for the Chinese there. His affection for China was boundless and he is revered today by many in China. (Photo of poster about George Piercy)

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Brian HULL

"A detective story; the re-discovery Parlington Hall" The history of the Hall, Aberford, Yorkshire, including scarce pictures and analysis of the mansion's demise. Extensive information on the topic can be found on the website, including many pictures of the locality.

Website: Parlington Hall & Estate

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Adam Alderson is 1 of 4 people in the world to have survived a gruelling 8 organ transplant, along with radical tumour de-bulking surgery for a rare form of cancer Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. Over the last 3 years, Adam has gone from lying in a hospice bed, being fed through a small tube into his stomach, to defying all odds, showing his true grit, and proving his doubters wrong. Adam now constantly demonstrates how organ donation can provide someone suffering with a terminal diagnosis, a full and active life style...

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Margaret BEECH

I am an internationally recognised and published book artist, do look at my pictorial blog to see the books that I make. I call what I do Paper Magic because I take a flat sheets of paper and by the 'magic' of folding turn them into three dimensional books. I am also a calligrapher and many of my books contain some calligraphy.

Website: Beeches Bookartist

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An inspirational talk about suffering a life changing trauma, coming to terms with it then enjoying new challenges and regaining the 'will to win'. (Wheelchair access to venue required)

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Glennis WHYTE

"The House built on Love & Chocolate" The story of NT property, Goddards in York - the family home of Noel Terry (of Terry's chocolates).

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