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The new version of the Yorkshire Speakers Directory aims to make life simpler when looking for a speaker for your event. To this effect the idea of search in the different districts, North, West and South Yorkshire whilst still available is rather superseded by the search mechanism. Suppose you were looking for a talk about "sport" typing this into the search field will return all the speakers who offer a talk within that definition. If you revise the search it acts instantly without a round trip back to the server to bring back the new information.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The Yorkshire Speakers Directory website does not collect anonymous data via cookies etc. The names of speakers on the site are all given by the speakers themselves, for the purpose of interesting prospective groups who require a public speaker. Enquiries by organisations seeking a speaker are passed through to the speaker in question. Their information is provided freely and is not used for any other purpose than making contact with a speaker they wish to engage.

All the speakers can be accessed rapidly within the listing below, by default the list shows 10 speakers to each page, this can be modified to show 25, 50 or 100 per page. The title at the head of each column "Speaker", "Virtual Talks" "Topics", "Speaker Location" and "Areas Covered", when clicked on will order the list alphabetically from that heading type. So for example if you click on the header, "Speaker Location" the list will order all the speakers in ascending order "a" through "z" a second click will reverse the order "z" through "a".

If you use the search facility to find a suitable candidate, bear in mind that the search operates across all fields so any reference to the criteria in any of the field will be returned. An example of this, is where a speaker has the same name as a place in the area, or perhaps if you were looking for a talk about cooking, that would list a number of speakers with "cook" as in the surname, but as you typed past "cook" to adding the "i" the search will dynamically change to reflect that criteria, and so on!

The heading "Areas Covered" uses the following abbreviation; EY, NY, SY, WY, meaning the speaker is prepared to travel within any of the areas indicated so "EYSYNYWY" indicates that the speaker will travel anywhere within the Yorkshire County as a whole. Bear in mind that the areas do not fully represent the geographical location, for example Selby is in North Yorkshire, but Wetherby which is considerably further north is in West Yorkshire! Also there are speakers who reside outside Yorkshire but are happy to travel to God's own county to give you the benefit of their expertise!